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    40 Practical Travel Tips & Reminders

    1. Travel light

    2. Bring plastic bags

    3. Wear a scarf

    4. Smile

    5. Always buy travel insurance

    6. Use a currency converter

    7. Ease into a new time zone

    8. Make a packing list

    9. Learn common key phrases of the local language

    10. Buy things and send them home

    11. Take photos!

    12. Be respectful

    13. Talk to strangers

    14. Carry cash

    15. Pack earplugs

    16. Know where to find free wifi

    17. Mark your luggage

    18. Hide emergency cash

    19. Be Flexible

    20. Stock up on sample-sized everything

    21. Buy travel insurance

    22. Wear sunscreen

    23. Give yourself enough time

    24. Step out of your comfort zone

    25. Wear walking shoes

    26. Bring a first aid kit

    27. Try new food

    28. Keep important items on you

    29. Bring flip flops

    30. Keep a journal

    31. Be spontaneous

    32. Protect your tech

    33. Pack extra underwear

    34. Take a class

    35. Go grocery shopping

    36. Learn to haggle

    37. Use local guides

    38. Eat street food!

    39. Roll don't fold your clothes

    40. Relax

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