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    Classic Nautical Map & Vintage World Map Journals - Personalized!

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    Packing a notebook on a trip is always a good idea!

    ...and if you have to pick one, you might as well choose one of these and have it customized just for you (or your friend - this thing makes the perfect gift). 📓🖊️

    NO BATTERY TO CHARGE - With this notebook, you can write and write and not worry about how much battery life you have left or where you are going to plug it in to charge.

    🖐 HANDY - Great for scribbling down trip notes such as directions, recommendations and is a safe place to keep ephemera like tickets, pamphlets, etc.

    🎁 MAKES AN AWESOME GIFT - It's sure to delight no matter the occasion. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or any other reason, we can guarantee this personalized travel journal WILL be used as much as it is loved.

    📏 THE PERFECT SIZE - Because it is customized, this travel journal will let the person receiving it know that you put lots of thought into their gift.  Plus, there is no need to worry about picking the right size!

    💯 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Buy now RISK & WORRY-FREE and if you don't like it, you don't pay for it. We stand behind the things we create, have a full-time support staff that's available to you anytime, and are here for anything you need.

    🔸--------- HOW TO ORDER ---------🔸

    Sounds good but now you're wondering how on earth you go about personalizing your journal.

    Well, amigo, that's easy:

    • Choose the map design
    • Select whether you want it customized or not
    • If you're personalizing it, enter your message in the field above (ideas: trip location, name, etc.)

    Easy as pie (mmm, pie)!

    🔸--------- JUST IMAGINE ---------🔸

    You are sitting on your favorite beach or in a hotel room in your favorite city writing about your adventures on your phone or your tablet.  And then it happens...the dreaded Low Battery notification.  Or even worse...your device dies.

    Now picture being on the same beach or sitting in the same hotel room, only this time you are feverishly writing about the day’s adventures in a super cool journal that is customized for this super cool journey.  No dying batteries or device failures to worry about.  All you need to think about is the awesome keepsake you are creating.

    The best thing about having a journal like this is that it can be passed down through your family.  Call us sentimental but there is something so incredibly special about reading words written by our older generations, especially when it is in their own handwriting. 

    There is no better notebook option than a personalized travel journal that truly immortalizes an adventure that is important to you. Order now and KNOW without a doubt you nailed it with this gift!

    🔸--------- ITEM SUMMARY ---------🔸

    🌍 Chose a beautiful nautical chart map design of the Straits of Florida (1977 Edition), or opt for a gorgeous vintage world map design (Colton's 1855 Edition)

    ✏️ Personalize it with the title of your trip by simply selecting the Customization option

    📔 Hardcover notebook with 80 ruled pages measuring 6.25x8.25"

    🛩 Safe place to keep ephemera like tickets, pamphlets, etc.

    🔸--------- MORE ON THIS TRAVEL NOTEBOOK ---------🔸

    A meaningful, personalized memento like this is perfect for everyone.

    You can make it a wedding gift, you can scoop up a few as bridesmaids gifts, or even just as Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day, big sister presents, mother's day presents, birthday presents, anniversary gifts, or to reward yourself!

    Did we mention that it is the perfect size to throw in your carryon, purse, or backpack?

    No matter who it's for, it's sure to be an absolute hit of a gift you'll feel proud giving and they'll be happy receiving.


    Processing for all our goods - whether it's a personalized piece or not - may take up to 5 business days. That said, most of our orders go out within 1-3 business days! For shipping times, please see the section below.

    🔸--------- SHIPPING TIME --------- 🔸

    - DOMESTIC (U.S.): 3 - 5 business days

    - INTERNATIONAL: 7 - 14 business days

    Therefore, it generally takes 4 - 8 business days (PROCESSING + SHIPPING) after the order date to receive your order in the US, but can take up to 10 business days (although normally comes earlier).

    Please note: the "ship by" date on your invoice is NOT the actual "delivery" date. The "ship by" date is when your package leaves our studio. The "delivery date" is when it lands on your doorstep. :)


    Order your Personalized Map Journal now so you can document your travel memories forever.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 88 reviews

    The order for my notebook did not come as I customized it on the site. They added a tag line that I did not have, and it's just tacky. I'm not pleased.

    Great Quality and Unique

    I bought this journal as a bridal shower gift for my niece. She loved it! Great quality and unique.

    PENNY M.
    Great gift

    This was the perfect gift for my globetrotting aunt who keeps a record of every trip,

    Perfect for journaling

    This journal is sturdy and well-made. It came quickly and the customization was accurate. For shoppers curious about what is inside, it is thick, lined paper, perfect for journaling.

    Thanks Kim! ~ Liz

    5 stars

    5 stars

    Thanks Stacey! ~ Liz

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